Real People, Real Music.

About Us

Household Funk started as a group of DJs driven by the same passion for Dance Music and Events. Over the past decade they have entertained many crowds nationally and abroad, as well as hosted many successful dance events in Johannesburg. They have also put out 2 music albums featuring original tracks that made it to Radio.

The group is now made up of the super duo, Les AfriQue and Chris Sen. The two have a passion for both DJing and music production, with Les having played overseas many times & Chris having produced tracks that have landed him SAMA nominations. As Household Funk, the Pair received their first SAMA nomination in 2018, for Best Remix.

They continue to entertain crowds around SA, whilst still focusing on music production. They have together produced a number 1 hit and remix that charted on 94.7 and 5fm Radio, and currently have other works in the pipeline that are set to be chart toppers.